Monday, March 12, 2012

Ohhh Mother Nature...

Well...we're alive! If any of you have watched the news lately, you've probably seen videos of the recent tornadoes that swept through Kentucky and Indiana. Well on Friday we woke up and saw it was a little gloomy outside. We didn't think much of it and since we don't have cable we are not aware of what is going on in the world outside our door. I hopped on Facebook and saw someone's status about the bad weather we were expected to have that day and then I got a call from work saying they were closing the shop and not to come in that day. I was pretty excited about that, but then started to worry. I called Billy and we decided we should probably go to his parent's house where there is a basement just in case. Well pretty much we got some rain and wind, but we were lucky! Everything was fine here in Lexington, and we are so grateful. We ended up spending the day with Billy's dad and little sister hanging out and watching episodes of White Collar. We packed out bags to stay overnight and I of course had to bring some Blue Bell :) 

That was last Friday and then on the following Monday morning we woke up to a couple of inches of snow! We haven't had very much snow at all and the winter has been pretty mild from what people tell me. I was getting really happy thinking spring was here to stay with some of the warm weather we have had lately, but Mother Nature tricked us. It is actually really pretty and luckily they are good about clearing the roads.

Other than this crazy weather we have had lately, we went on a triple date with some friends. We went bowling, which Billy is always hesitant about, but I love. I didn't get a group picture with my camera, but we went with Dan and Cari Marino and Bryan and Alex Hatton. Billy grew up with them and we had a really fun night!

After almost a year of living in Kentucky we finally filled a picture board tonight for FHE. It has a lot of random pictures and I'm sure we'll need to switch out a few every once in a while but here it is!