Monday, February 20, 2012

Post #1

I know we're almost 10 months late on this but I couldn't get motivated to get it all going until now. BUT I made a new years resolution to become a blogger and now it's finally happening. Here's a quick recap of the beginning of the year until now.

January flew by! My mom surprised me and stayed with me for a week while Billy was out of town on business. I loved having her here and Billy loved coming home to a house full of goodies! Billy's stayed busy with work but is liking it and I'm still liking my job too. I work at a cute little boutique called Baby Bundles. Can you say "Baby Hungry?" Much to Billy's dismay I'm surrounded by eager pregnant ladies and grandmas who are intent on blowing their inheritance on cute onesies. I have been promised by my husband though that for every month that I'm NOT pregnant he'll buy me a pair of shoes. I think he said it jokingly at first, but after treating myself to a few leopard print shoes I think he's realizing I took him up on the offer!

February's already on it's way too. We met up with Bob and Beth, some college friends of Billy's, in Cincinnati for a day and had a blast. We went to the ONLY Gap/Banana Republic Clearance Center which was an adventure. All of the clothes that are returned end up at this store. You can find some great deals but it's totally hit or miss as it's also a graveyard for ripped, stained, and otherwise unwearable clothes. I found a few cute tops and Billy found a couple of gems as well. 

We got lunch at a restaurant that overlooks the Ohio River called The Montgomery Inn. The BBQ was delish!

I've also made some good friends out here which I've loved! Julie, (the blond in the picture below) lives in the same condos as we do and lives 3 doors down with her husband, Scott. We're both involved with the Young Women in our ward and she's become and honorary "sissy" (sister). I love having her so close! Katie, the brunette, is also great. We just found out that night we all went to dinner that she and her hubby, Thomas, are pregnant! Ya hear that Billy!? I still miss Liza and Jess but it's been so nice to get to make some good friends out here.

That's it for Post #1. I'll try to be good about keeping up but don't hold me to it!