Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So, BBN really stands for Big Blue Nation in which the UK Wildcats just won the National Championship game, but in the Besther household it stands for Billy's Birthday Night!!! Yesterday was Billy's 26th birthday and we tried to make it somewhat a birthday weekend by opening gifts starting on Saturday. My wonderful parents sent him a fun package including "Slap Ya Momma" cooking spices, a cool New Orleans paper weight for his desk, a sweet card, and a variety of Hubig's Pies. It was so thoughtful and we loved trying all the flavors of the pies.

Then on Sunday I let him open the presents I got him. Neither one of us are good with surprises, but I'm especially bad so it didn't take long for Billy to convince me to let him open them. One of the presents was this fun indoor putting mat. Billy's been saying he really wants to get in to golfing, so I thought this would make it easier for him to practice anytime he wants! He's such a natural...

Then Monday was his actual birthday. He requested Jambalaya for his birthday dinner...one of the many reasons I love Billy :) It makes me so happy that he loves spicy cajun food! It came out great and we had a yummy salad on the side and some french bread.

For dessert we were planning on doing pazzookies, but we got distracted with this yummy chocolate cream cheese! It is seriously SO good! I got it a while back to fill strawberries with, but never made them. Then yesterday when we were cutting up the strawberries and apples for the salad, we got it out to taste test. Needless to say, after dinner we couldn't wait to have more! We planned to wait a little while and then make pazzookies later, but we were both still too full and never made them. But we decided to make this into his birthday month, so I'm sure we'll have them sometime soon. :)

We ended the night by relaxing and opening cards from some family and friends. I think overall it was a fun birthday. I couldn't ask for a better husband than Billy! I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays together! Love you Billy!

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